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Pre-order is currently available on DIE SEKTOR's "(-)origins" 12" picturedisc vinyl, NITRO/NOISE's "No Cure For Apocalypse (2CD Limited Edition)", RAVE THE REQVIEM's' "Rave The Reqviem", CYFERDYNE's' "Keep Your Silence", TERROLOKAUST's "Scars That Never Heal" 12" vinyl and V/A "Resistanz Festival Soundtrack 2014".

DWV326 - DIE SEKTOR - (-)origins 12" vinyl picturedisc - pre-orders shipping around 2014/04/18

DWA319 - NITRO/NOISE - No Cure For Apocalypse (2CD Limited Edition) - pre-orders shipping around 2014/04/11

DWA316 - RAVE THE REQVIEM - Rave The Reqviem - pre-orders shipping around 2014/04/04

DWA314 - CYFERDYNE - Keep Your Silence - pre-orders shipping around 2014/03/28

DWV309 - TERROLOKAUST - Scars That Never Heal 12" vinyl - pre-orders shipping around 2014/03/07

DWA312 - V/A - Resistanz Festival Soundtrack 2014 - pre-orders shipping around 2014/03/21

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DIE SEKTOR - (-)origins 12" picturedisc

3-track companion EP to the "(-)existence" album - on 12" vinyl picturedisc! Limited edition of 100 with 120mm circular vinyl sticker and download card to access digital versions of the tracks plus the full "(+)existence" remix album!

Owing to the way in which DIE SEKTOR compose, prior to the *ahem* “existence” of the eventual album “(-)existence”, there existed a lengthy instrumental piece “Flux” which later separated into the album tracks “Solder” and “Nine”, and alternate instrumental versions of “Unborn” and “Crucifix”…

As fans have been crying out for DIE SEKTOR on vinyl for years, and as in terms of track-time these songs would fit perfectly on 2 sides of a 12”, ultimately we were unable to resist the urge to release this as the ultimate collector’s companion piece to “(-)existence” – the “(-)origins” EP.

Fully revisited and produced to the same detailed level as the final album tracks by the band, mastered specially for vinyl by Kolja Trelle over at Koltron in Germany, the 3-track instrumental EP “(-)origins” is a fascinating insight into the DIE SEKTOR songwriting process, and an essential item for hardcore fans of the band.

Released in a limited edition of 100 heavyweight 12” vinyl picturediscs, the package includes a 120mm circular vinyl sticker plus a download card giving access to digital versions (different mastering!) of the 3 tracks, plus the full 12-track “(+)existence” remix album, in a clear PVC sleeve to fully display the sumptuous artwork by Nikos Markogiannakis.

“(-)origins” will be released on April 19 and launched at the DWA-sponsored Resistanz Festival where members of DIE SEKTOR will be on hand to autograph…well, whatever you like, within reason, really…and on sale during their European tour dates April 20th – May 1st, and subsequently over the course of their US tour with GOD MODULE May 7th – May 27th. If by some miracle any copies are actually left by that stage, they will go on general release. If you don’t fancy your chances, the smart move would surely be to guarantee getting your hands on one by pre-ordering a copy from us now…

Pre-order is open HERE and NOW:

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Pricing either way is at 20% off: 18 EUR plus 6,00EUR shipping, this price available until the release date of April 19th...



DWV326 (-)origins 12"

A1: Flux
B1: Nuborn
B2: Crucifix (the absent body)

Download card:
DWD288 (+)existence

01. Beneath (BLAKOPZ Remix)
02. Blood I (DYM Remix)
03. ROM (SIN DNA Remix)
04. Nine (STUDIO-X Remix)
05. Beneath (CRYOGEN SECOND Remix)
06. Blood I (NITRO/NOISE Remix)
08. Nine (SIRUS Remix)
09. Beneath (DREAM RECALL Remix)
10. Blood I (FRONTAL BOUNDARY Remix)
11. ROM (DIE BRAUT Remix)
12. Nine (CEASE2XIST Remix)



NITRO/NOISE - No Cure For Apocalypse (2CD Limited Edition)

Second album from the Canadian electro-industrial trio, initial quantities in 6-panel digifile with booklet and 2CD full of exclusive remixes from MODULATE, FGFC820, ROTERSAND, C-LEKKTOR, GRENDEL and many more!

There is no cure for Apocalypse, no reason for redemption – the end is incoming and we should embrace it as a consummation devoutly to be wished.

Coming from the band that brought us “Total Nihilism” in 2012, the philosophical conceit behindNITRO/NOISE’s stunning second album “No Cure For Apocalypse” should hardly come as a surprise. Neither really should the sheer power and quality of the tracks on offer.

Mixed and mastered in its entirety by Jan L at his X-Fusion Music Production studios in Germany, “No Cure for Apocalypse” is an album that not only lives up to the promise of “Total Nihilism” but goes greatly beyond it.

No nonsense, no mercy, “No Cure For Apocalypse” is simply 10 relentless anthems for the end of days – as uncompromising and unstoppable as the Armageddon it suggests we all deserve – topped off with a collaboration with long-time champion of NITRO/NOISE Thomas Rainer/NACHTMAHR, and an atmospheric coda.

Describing it as ”fantastic” and “the album COMBICHRIST wanted to make after What The F**k Is Wrong With You People”, MODULATE’s Geoff Lee was moved to write “It's going to be a contender for Album Of The Year 2014, no doubt…there isn't a bad/weak track on it….the best harsh aggrotech album I've heard in a very very long time!”

Thanks Geoff – we owe you a pint.

From the opening assault of “The Revelation” through to tenth track “Wake Up Call” - dedicated to groupies the band ran into over the course of their first American tourdates last year, and boasting a lyrical refrain that is probably guaranteed to give offence to some – “No Cure For Apocalypse” surpasses “Total Nihilism” in both its intensity and danceability, beat-driven and lyrically bleak.

And if that were not enough, in a move that will no doubt court controversy NITRO/NOISE then proceed to join forces with Austria’s infamous agent provocateur Thomas Rainer to deliver a tongue-in-cheek riposte to criticisms levelled at NACHTMAHR – the cheekily-titled “We Demand Better” – before finally ending the album with (for NITRO/NOISE) the very atypical vocoded vocals and melancholic refrain of “Don’t Be Afraid (Piano Rework)”.

All that, you can get from the standard digital release – but this very special album also arrives on CD in a very special package, for all those of you still favoring the feel of that physical product in your hands.

The first 300 copies of “No Cure For Apocalypse” come in luxurious 6-panel digifile format, with bold monochromatic cover-art hand-drawn by Estonian artist Midiankai (designer ofFREAKANGEL’s recent t-shirts) reminiscent of the classic KMFDM pop-art covers by Brute!/Aidan Hughes.

And (in a format we experimented with for DIE SEKTOR’s “(-)existence(+) limited edition” 2CD) a flap on the inside left-panel houses “The Book Of Revelation(s)” - a 6-page booklet containing lyrics and photos.

This limited edition of 300 copies also comes complete with the bonus CD “10 Ways To Doomsday” – wherein the main body of the album itself is systematically taken apart and transformed track-by-track by what amounts to a roll-call of some of the finest established and emerging acts in the electro-industrial field.

Exciting newcomers like THE .INVALIDSIRUS and RAVE THE REQVIEM rub shoulders withROTERSANDGRENDELC-LEKKTORFGFC820MODULATEBLAKOPZ and DIE SEKTOR to create a song-by-song mirror-image of the original album tracklist, presented in the exact same order.

Mastered like the album itself by Jan L, “10 Ways To Doomsday” is available on CD only as part of this strictly limited edition, and needless-to-say will never be re-pressed.

“No Cure For Apocalypse” is unleashed in Europe on April 19th – the date NITRO/NOISE make their UK live debut at the DWA-sponsored Resistanz Festival, and where we will be holding an official signing session with the band following their performance.

Owing to distribution, North America will have to wait until June 10th.

As usual with DWA releases, pre-order is available at 20%-OFF the list price - through to the EU release date of April 19.

Pre-orders will be shipping out early April.
Want some? Get some apocalypse now:

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Pricing either way is at 20% off: 15 EUR plus 2,50EUR shipping, this price available until the release date of April 19th...



01. The Revelation
02. Want Some
03. If We Stop Breeding
04. God Game
05. Censorshit
06. All Shall Perish
07. Don’t Be Afraid
08. Spit It Black
09. Unchained
10. Wake Up Call
11. We Demand Better (feat. NACHTMAHR)
12. Don’t Be Afraid (Piano Rework)

CD2 - 10 Ways To Doomsday

01. The Revelation (FGFC820 Remix)
02. Want Some (MODULATE Remix)
03. If We Stop Breeding (C-LEKKTOR Remix)
04. God Game (DIE SEKTOR Remix)
05. Censorshit (ROTERSAND Rework)
06. All Shall Perish (BLAKOPZ Remix)
07. Don’t Be Afraid (GRENDEL Remix)
08. Spit It Black (THE .INVALID Remix)
09. Unchained (Sidechained by SIRUS)
10. Wake Up Call (RAVE THE REQVIEM Remix)



RAVE THE REQVIEM - Rave The Reqviem

Debut album from Swedish industrial-metal outfit, initial quantities in 4-panel digipak with exclusive remixes from COMBICHRIST, ALIEN VAMPIRES, NOISUF-X and SERAPHIM SYSTEM!

With titles referencing the mythology of ancient Greece like “Ikaros” and “Is Apollo Still Alive?” it might easily be imagined that in the shape of RAVE THE REQVIEM we had added another Hellenic act to our roster alongside CYGNOSIC and TECHNOLORGY – yet RTR is in fact DWA’s first ever signing from Sweden.

Yes, that’s “RTR”, not “ATR” – yet given the venom of the musical maelstrom unleashed on this amazing self-titled debut, and the effortless shifting between extremes of metal and electronica,ATARI TEENAGE RIOT might not in itself be a bad point of comparison.

In all the years of seeking out the finest emerging talent to sign to DWA, seldom have any act’s tracks stayed playing on repeat all day at the office like the first songs we discovered online fromRAVE THE REQVIEM last year. This handful of tracks, self-released digitally as demos by songwriter Filip Lönnqvist form the core of this full-length self-titled album.

Mixed and mastered in its brutal entirety by Jan L at his X-Fusion Music Production facility in Germany, “Rave The Reqviem” is a devastating debut of incredibly assured and polished songwriting and production skill – a heady and complex cocktail which the band’s own description “industrial metal with modern electronic styles” hardly does justice to.

Ethereal female soprano vocals courtesy of none other than Filip’s mother Carola sail sweetly over the epic choruses of her son’s electro-metal onslaught – providing the perfect musical counterpoint to the carnage of heavy riffs and hard electronics seething beneath the surface.

DWA doesn’t often do what could reasonably be classified as “industrial metal” – so when we do, you can be sure it must be something pretty special. Basically, we haven’t heard music this good in this style since the days of WHITE ZOMBIE or (for those who remember them) fellow Swedes MISERY LOVES CO. – so for those of you with a hankering for those kinds of grooves and super-heavy riffs, imagine a totally contemporary take on that kind of thing and you will be thinking along the right lines.

Already boasting a huge underground following in Russia on the back of the self-released demos last year, RTR’s full debut album seems surely destined for a far wider reaching appreciation from fans across the globe.

13 superb tracks, “Rave The Reqviem” (yes, the name and even every track title is spelled with a V for VERY VIOLENT) is in itself a colossal sounding work.

So who on Earth could we enlist to help create a bonus section for the Limited Edition digipak CD version, one worthy of original material of this quality?

Why fellow Scandinavian Andy LaPlegua of course – who promptly delivered us a COMBICHRISTremix of bone-crushing intensity – Jan L, already behind the mixing desk, who transformed “Exhale” into a NOISUF-X club classic, and ALIEN VAMPIRES…who summon the spirit of mid-90s SCOOTER for a Eurodance workout.

And those are just the names you should probably already be familiar with – closing the CD is another you should probably watch out for…SERAPHIM SYSTEM, out of North Carolina, whose remix completely captures the musical essence of RAVE THE REQVIEM’s own fusion of styles, and belongs among such illustrious company entirely on its own merits.

Coming in 4-panel digipak with artwork graced by the unmistakable hand of DWA’s lead graphic designer Vlad McNeally, the collector’s edition CD version of “Rave The Reqviem” is strictly limited to 300 copies and is released worldwide by DWA on April 11.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you RAVE THE REQVIEM - another incredible emerging talent identified and added to the embarrassment of musical riches that is DWA’s artist roster, “a polarized and bittersweet sound where mechanical darkness meets beauty and sentiment.“

Pre-orders of the CD version, including immediate free download of 4 tracks, are available from today at the now long-traditional DWA discounted rate of 20%-OFF until the release date of April 11.

That’s just 10EUR plus shipping for 17 tracks of unbridled brilliance, in collector’s edition digipak format, plus shipping.


...or direct from this website - CLICK BELOW:

Pricing either way is at 20% off: 10 EUR plus 2,50EUR shipping, this price available until the release date of April 11th...



01. The Ascension
02. System vs. Solitaire
03. Ikaros
04. Is Apollo Still Alive?
05. Aeon
06. The Svlphvry Void
07. Exhale
08. Fvck The Vniverse
09. Thistleblower
10. Schizophrenia In Reverse
11. Sloth Whore
12. Heroin(e)
13. God Came Throvgh A Serpent's Movth

BONUS TRACKS (CD-version only):

14. Ikaros (Fly Motherfvcker Fly Remix by COMBICHRIST)*
15. Exhale (NOISUF-X Remix)*
16. Aeon (Tranced by ALIEN VAMPIRES)*
17. Fvck The Vniverse (SERAPHIM SYSTEM Remix)*
*exclusive to this CD version



CYFERDYNE - Keep Your Silence

The second album from CYFERDYNE, initial quantities in 4-panel digipak with exclusive remixes from ASSEMBLAGE 23, PHOSGORE and AESTHETIC PERFECTION!

2013 saw a sea-change at CYFERDYNE with the departure of previous programmer, producer and co-vocalist Niall Robertson and the recruitment of local Lancaster-based Ritual Noise DJ Andy McBain in his place.

Any doubts anyone might harbor about how this might impact on CYFERDYNE’s sound should be swiftly and firmly laid to rest by the assured and powerful production of their exceptional second album “Keep Your Silence”.

Written by the original line-up including Niall, and recorded and produced by the new line-up, “Keep Your Silence” demonstrates the depth of development in both sound and songwriting one would expect from a second album, straddling the line between satisfying fans of the band’s debut “Genesys” and those seeking something more.

And “more” it certainly is, in all respects - taking CYFERDYNE into leaner, cleaner and more polished production territory. More commercially-accessible, while still retaining measures of the edge and aggression evident in their earlier material.

A quintessentially British sound reminiscent in parts of MESH or DEPECHE MODE on tracks like “Numb” and “Weak”, not merely in terms of vocals but also the plaintive synthpop melodies.

In the more minimal arrangements of “Keep Your Silence” Steven Houghton’s voice has never sounded more vulnerable nor so authoritative now that he is singing solo.

Catchy club classics like album-openers “Cables And Codes” (the single exception to the GARY NUMAN-esque one-word titles of the rest of the tracklist) and “Jigsaw” with its nods to DETROIT DIESEL here rub shoulders with the radio-friendly “Numb”, the perfect-pop of “Fracture” and the epic “Clockwork” – which embraces sonic elements of NINE INCH NAILS and displays CYFERDYNE’s rockier side, also represented in tracks like “Glass” and "Escape"…

More melodic and melancholic than “Genesys”, “Keep Your Silence” has an accomplished and assured feel that belies its status as the sophomore outing of a young band still creating a signature sound.

With futuristic post-apocalyptic artwork like “Genesys” by DWA’s lead designer Vlad McNeally, mastering for “Keep Your Silence” was carried out by million-selling dance music producer Jesse Skeens – who numbers the likes of JASON NEVINS and SPOOKY among his extensive client list - at his Medway Studios facility in London.

And for those of you still favouring the feel of physical product over the ephemeral nature of a download, the CD-version of “Keep Your Silence” comes with 3 bonus tracks – remixes from no less than this year’s Saturday night headliner for the DWA-sponsored Resistanz FestivalASSEMBLAGE 23, last year’s Saturday night headliner AESTHETIC PERFECTION and a brutal beatdown from PHOSGORE

Initial quantities come in 4-panel digipak format, strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide.

"Keep Your Silence" is released worldwide on DWA on April 4th.

Pre-order of the CD-version available at the usual DWA-discounted rate of 20%-OFF until the release date is open NOW:

...and includes an immediate free download of 4 tracks (selection rotating over the next couple of months, as we count down to the actual release...)

...or direct from this website - CLICK BELOW:

Pricing either way is at 20% off: 10 EUR plus 2,50EUR shipping, this price available until the release date of April 4th...



01 Cables And Codes
02 Jigsaw
03 Disease
04 Glass
05 Weak
06 Clockwork
07 Prayer
08 Escape
09 Numb
10 Fracture
11 Visions

Bonus tracks:

12 Cables And Codes (PHOSGORE Remix)*
13 Jigsaw (ASSEMBLAGE 23 Remix)*
*exclusive to the CD-version



TERROLOKAUST - Scars That Never Heal

The second single from the hit album "Spit The Poison Out", and is available as a collector’s edition 3-track 12" vinyl single (limited edition of 100 copies!) with vinyl sticker and download card for the digital edition - or as a 5-track digital edition!

Their current album “Spit The Poison Out” has now spent 8 consecutive weeks in the Top Ten of the Deutsche Alternative Charts - peaking at #3, they are about to head out on their first major European tour opening for AESTHETIC PERFECTION/FADERHEAD beginning on Valentine’s Day in Belgium…how could the timing be any better to show some love for TERROLOKAUST?

Vinyl A-side - the radio-friendly and melodic anthem "Scars That Never Heal"!

One of the catchiest tracks from “Spit The Poison Out”, reminiscent in parts of FAITH NO MORE, this is one of the songs that highlights TERROLOKAUST‘s massive “crossover potential” from the industrial scene where they are currently making their mark to a much wider pop and rock audience! Yes! Even your friends and relatives who wouldn’t normally listen to anything you like are almost guaranteed to tap their feet along to this tune and ask you “Who’s this?” for all the right reasons!

Exclusive non-album B-sides "Two-Faced Leader" and "Condemned To Be Free" !

Two brand new and previously unheard original songs that never made it onto the album itself during the track selection process (hey! The album already had 13 full tracks and an intro!), now completed and fully recorded to the same production standard – that show first the dancefloor credentials of the band and then the flipside of their epic atmospheric rock style!

AND, exclusive to the digital edition – remixes from SIRUS and BLAKOPZ that take the original tracks in intriguing and unexpected directions! Think you already know what TERROLOKAUST,SIRUS and BLAKOPZ sound like? Guess again!

Artwork and mastering as for the album “Spit The Poison Out” by Vlad McNeally at Kallisti:Design and Kolja Trelle at Koltron Music Production respectively.

180gm 12” vinyl, hand-numbered limited edition of 100 (on the label and sleeve - and printed on the matching download-card!) in full-colour sleeve, also containing 180 x 55 mm rectangular vinyl sticker for the album “Spit The Poison Out” and band logo, plus credit-card sized download card, sticker and card ONLY available in this package! 

Available at first exclusively from the merchandise table on TERROLOKAUST's EU tour dates with AESTHETIC PERFECTION and FADERHEAD (Feb 14th - March 8th), remaining copies will go on general release from March 8th - the final date of the tour! 

Pre-order is available HERE, NOW via our Bandcamp-hosted DWA-DIGITAL storefront if you want to make sure of getting one of these extremely limited pressings:

...or direct from this website - CLICK BELOW:

Pricing either way is at 20% off: 10 EUR plus 2,50EUR shipping, this price available until the release date of March 22nd...



DWV309 12" vinyl:

A1: Scars That Never Heal
B1: Two-Faced Leader
B2: Condemned To Be Free

DWD310 download:

01: Scars That Never Heal
02: Two-Faced Leader
03: Condemned To Be Free
04: Scars That Never Heal (SIRUS Remix)
05: Two-Faced Leader (BLAKOPZ Remix)



V/A - Resistanz Festival Soundtrack 2014

The official compilation album of Resistanz Festival 2014! Limited first edition of 250 copies in 4-panel digipak!

As ever featuring an assortment of predominantly exclusive material plus the odd rarity, from the majority of acts appearing at the festival itself, streaming previews of tracks are coming up over the next few weeks on our Bandcamp-hosted DWA-Digital site – stay tuned and expect one more to come online every few days until the entire album tracklist has been announced!

How many tracks will there be? Who will be contributing – and what? Wait and see…and as ever with all things Resistanz, rest assured that the wait will be more than worth it…

Like last year, the first pressing of “Resistanz Festival Soundtrack 2014” comes in a 4-panel digipak limited edition of 250 copies, tastefully designed like the entire overall Resistanz artwork by DWA’s lead graphic Vlad McNeally – which like last year we expect to approach sell-out soon after the festival itself (there are now just a handful of the 2013 album left, and *very* limited copies of the 2012 album still available…)

On sale as a souvenir at the DWA stall at Resistanz, you can pre-order to get your hands on this masterpiece a full month beforehand by the release date March 22 to get yourself in the mood…and save 20% off the eventual asking price as well. Which basically pays for it to be shipped to your door, and you having it to groove down to several weeks prior to making your way to the hallowed halls (and toilets) of Corporation.

Pre-orders (digital and physical) are open now via our DWA-Digital storefront on Bandcamp (includes immediate free 4-track download):

...or direct from this website - CLICK BELOW:


Pricing either way is at 20% off: 10 EUR plus 2,50EUR shipping, this price available until the release date of March 22nd...



02. THE .INVALID - Breaksequence (Vector Edit)
03. BELZEBASS - Empire
04. ASSEMBLAGE 23 - The Last Mistake (Analog Mix)
05. THIS MORN' OMINA - Garuda Vimana (FLEXAGON's Psytrance Remix)
06. NITRO/NOISE - We Will Resist
07. DIE SEKTOR - Nine (CUTOFF:SKY Remix)
08. CYBERPUNKERS - Thunder
09. MODULATE - Jackhammer (Resistanz Mix)
10. ???
11. ???
12. ???
13. ???


Please note that shipping dates for pre-orders are approximate and may be subject to change owing to unforseen delays in the manufacturing process.

In the event of such a change, we will write to you to inform you of it - therefore *please* ensure that you "whitelist" us at the email address you use to order from...otherwise this mail, along with order and delivery confirmations, may get rejected by any spam filtering you may have set up on your email account.

Shipping usually takes 5-7 days worldwide on average - however in our experience individual countries postal services may take longer to process some packages than others, for no apparent reason.
If your package has not arrived within a couple of weeks and you have not heard anything from us, please contact us about it - because sometimes PayPal fails to pass orders on to us as they should automatically do.
We do *of course* routinely check for this - however with the sheer volume of orders received, sometimes things slip through the cracks...


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(-)origins 12"vinyl picturedisc

No Cure For Apocalypse
2CD Limited Edition

Rave The Reqviem

Keep Your Silence

Resistanz Festival Soundtrack 2014

Scars That Never Heal 12" vinyl